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The oral health of your family cannot be over emphasized. Dr.William Grand offers professional and affordable dental services in the Mandeville area. According to current research, Twenty percent of people interviewed reported that they suffered from anxiety as a result of the condition of their teeth. Thirty percent of the respondents shared that their mouth and teeth were either in fair or poor condition. This alone emphasizes the importance good oral health, which is often underestimated. In order to ensure that your teeth are in good condition, proper care is essential. This includes avoiding sugary foods, flossing and brushing regularly. In addition, you should visit this dentist to take care of your needs  and those of your entire family.

If you live in Mandeville or the surrounding area, Grand Family Dentistry is convenient to provide services. Selecting a dentist close to where you live, work, or study will encourage you to keep scheduled appointments. Because your family has  different requirements, Dr. Grand will meet all their needs including cosmetic dentistry, root canals, teeth cleaning, dental crown installation, restorations and even dental surgery. His all inclusive practice will save you from the trouble of having to find different doctors for the different required procedures.

Are you missing one or more teeth? Restore your smile’s beauty and functionality with dental implants. This versatile restorative service can help you reclaim your good health. Dr. Grand’s  cosmetic services can transform both your teeth and your sense of self-confidence. His state-of-the-art technology can treat common dental issues faster, more precisely, and more comfortably than ever before. You deserve to enjoy a smile that feels as great as it looks. Life is precious, and so is your smile. Dr. Grand  provides restorative dentistry for fresh, sparkling smiles. He is an expert in comprehensive general and preventive dentistry and all areas of cosmetic dentistry,.

Experience Dr. Grand’s expert dental care with his personal attention and care.. His knowledgeable team is committed to a common goal: your beautiful smile! Dr. Grand’s personalized service delivers quality dentistry for patient satisfaction.

Grand Family Dentistry
2083 3rd St.
Mandeville, LA 70471

Mandeville Dentist Treats Dental Phobias

For many of us, a dental appointment is an uncomfortable experience. It may be the sound of the drill or the sound of the sharp tools scraping the teeth. For whatever the reason, it is real to someone who has a dental phobia. It may be the result of a previous traumatic experience at a dentist office or simply a preconceived notion that it will be a painful experience.

This dentist  is very reassuring and recommends practicing prevention by being super vigilant in the care of their teeth so that is not necessary to come to the dentist as often. Some people have a fear of the dental equipment. This dentist often explains the use of the dental tools to patients so that the tools do not seem so strange. The loud noises of the drill are lessened by noise canceling headphones. Some people even opt to listen to their iPod.

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